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The Snackcity division of Ismail industries was established in June 2006 when the company set up it’s manufacturing facility at Hub & began production of the finest quality potato chips-Kurleez.

The manufacturing facility at Hub is a purpose built building with a covered area of 12,500 SQM out of the total accumulated land of 38,000 SQM. Having met great success in a short span of time, the foundation for a second production facility was laid down in Lahore in March 2010. The Lahore factory is built over 16,240 SQM plot and has a covered area of approximately 6,500 SQM.

Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of the company’s values and the company has invested in the world’s best machinery, employed the best technicians, & food experts, and adopted the best practices to ensure that the consumers feel the goodness of Snackcity products in each bite.


Make your life fun with Fillz.

Magic Masala

Perfect potato crisps topped with a blend of spices that tastes so good, it feels magical.

Simply Salted

When the finest potatos are cooked to golden perfection & sprinkled with fresh salt, you get the classic taste of Fillz Simply Salted.

Double Cheese

Crunchy potato crisps mixed with the finest cheese is what makes Fillz Double Cheese an irresistible treat.


The very best of crispy crunchy chips that your taste buds want more of. Enter a sweet, spicy and savory land of magical potatoes ready for your enjoyment.

Special Salt

Searching for the classic taste? Try Kurleez Special Salt. Simple and briny, a combination that is everyone's favorite.

Sour Cream & Onion

Looking for a crispy, satisfying & delicious bite? Let Kurleez Sour Cream & Onion's rich flavor satisfy you.

Mirch Masala

Craving a crunch of Spiciness? Let the hot & tangy flavor of Kurleez Mirch Masala fire you up.

Barbecue Blast

Want to have BBQ every day? Try our rich and exciting blend of sweet, spice and the barbecue grill.

Catchy Ketchup

Like Ketchup? So do we. So grab a pack of Kurleez Catchy Ketchup and let it's saucy flavor boost you up.


You get the sizzling taste and excitement of Snackcity Nimko when you combine the crunchiest dried Nuts, Chickpeas, & Lentils with the finest spices.


Sticks with an attitude that you'd love to party with. Taste the spicy thrills with Chillz.

Salt & Pepper

The perfect balance of salt & pepper, a combination that makes it a classic.


A fiery and spicy sensation that gives you the Chillz.


A combination of Lemon & Chilli that provides the ultimate sizzling & tangy experience.

  • Head Office

    17, Bangalore Town, Main
    Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-75350,

    Tel:(+92-21) 34311172-76
    Fax:(+92-21) 34547843, 34541094

  • Factories

    Unit 4: G-22, 23, H.I.T.E, HUB,
    Balochistan, Pakistan.
    Tel:(+92-853) 303193, 303177
    Fax:(-92-853) 302527

    Unit 5: 38-C,39, 39-A, 42-C,
    Sunder Industrial Estate, Raiwind Road,
    Lahore, Pakistan. Tel:(-92-42) 36140972

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